Product and Growth Evangelist 🚀

Misbah Ashraf
Product and Growth Evangelist 🚀

Broad areas I can help with are listed below, and more context on my experience is here.

1. Creating ways for the product to keep growing on its own.
2. Making teams work really well together (having good ways to get things done, tracking important goals, and such).
3. Planning out how the product will improve and quickly trying out new ideas.
4. Figuring out how the product should be and how to keep users using it.
5. Reaching and keeping lots of people interested in what you offer through different ways and places.
6. Trying out different things to make the product successful without spending a lot of money.
7. Making sure new users understand how to use the product so they don't stop using it.

Feel free to reach out to me at so we can chat about the areas I can be helpful.